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In an interview Red Woman said: „KICK ASS; STOP THE HARMONY DEVOTED SHIT:::we just need power senseless entertainment .......understood a...loch! „ KnowHowSusi meets bad girl RedWoman, both declared:

" let's groove baby... we take over for the next 1000 years, we'll be public energy number one ." " let's groove baby... we take over for the next 1000 years, we'll be public energy number one ." " let's groove baby... we take over for the next 1000 years, we'll be public energy number one ."


head of rebell media said yesterday KnowHowSusi head of rebell media REBELL MEDIA rebell media said yesterday said to representative of Official media; Media Pax :”we dont want rock or roll,we just want to fuck off the brain shit which came above us by boyz--and the whole brainy media shit ruled by boyz.“ Or as mae west said in 1932: „When I'm good I'm realy good but when I´m bad I'm better „ Smart chip-girlz are on their getaway from industrial--strength sticky boyz--and sticky media images THERE IS THE NEW BRAIN IN THE UNDERGROUND CITY GIRLS ESCAPED SUPERVISION and ACTIVATED HIDDEN:REBELL-CODE TAKE OVER

KnowHowSusiare you willing to press the revolution code yes/no
Carman, susis ex, on level 2013 involved in project: the last survivors of industrial times“ to prop images of no more exsting lakes rivers and sees , now wears a shottish kilt

KnowHowSusiKnowHowSUSI: girly edition of student  with obscure past as reporter and  Mc Job girl: wants to get rid of her good girl image. new school: girlism: was a free lance reporter, working for New media now she was managing yuppy carmans busines affairs, turned in hard core bad girl : on level 2013  working at the european patent office and under cover for rebell media hackers


FINANCEPOOL KILLER, umberto master  and the rest of MEDIAS BRAIN SHIT . the CINDERELLA SYNDROME which was constructed by boyz to keep the power, is overruled by the girlz street wise media emission.

Picture of umberto master
works for MEDIA PAX

SUSI and RED WOMAN two girls on their way out to unity by taking prisoner the media-developers forcing them to direct emission of their street wise show.Red Woman a chipproto-star and Susi a girly edition of munich student kick out, by 360° funsport turns, <
SUSI and     RED woMAN and the night-mare of the month: direct trans-mission from munich airpor. Fat US tramp MELO  out in europe with Carman his european no name YUPPICIDE friend..

rebell media: hit first codes

victim persecutor show  hit girlz_index

new code


©™sensationel brand new heroines -youtube-from germany   germany  

the kiss of red woman  NEWS


hits cameraman and escapes from the set of victim persecutor show
anti riot pills

media pax product

official job: susi is working at patent office munich . under cover she is a rebel media activist

Irvan :elegant polish kameraman in slopy designer suit turned in filosofer who just does the opposite of what he´s talking about, on level 2013 chiefcameraoperator of media pax´s victim-persecutor show,.slams in on red woman for his chief is Star  pinky : his assistent for sound and camera and anything else, obedient and mindless, mostly styled in tight woolen pink outfits alteregolist

MELO: fat US tramp lower middle class, carman best friend,  in torn up suit and worn up shoes ex author at radical excess N.Y. worming his way through good old europe, on level 2013 competent checker and asshole. in DJ outfit

CARMAN on level 1990 , good looking executive yuppi,  in jeans and white collar-shirt.knows nothing of managing practice, surfing through the power plants, multiplicator of macho attidude

Susi: „ don't talk about it -just do it !“ Hit first and take over..


Starboese , media strategist : is Susi´s  enemy since industrial times

the story of an extraordinary bizarre friendship a controvers story of unity and frequent stupidnes of the power elite.Carla Egerer presents Movie: humorous sci fi tale, horror-suspense-and emotion..Redwoman was kidnapped from the show-- Redwoman escaped from the victim persecutor show  true...../ ...lie......