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return 80% Nazi judges (germany 2008 ) continued in democratic justice system
in education as faculty for law chiefs The democratic law interpretaion therefore is a right wing law interpretation until 2008. in favour of right wing and against civil democratic interpretation. partII nazi 2008

source: rolf bossi prominent trial lawyer for 50 years
"......After ww2 , 80% of the terrible justice members of the 3rd reich were reintegrated in state services of german democracy and entered highest positions of power .. never ever charged before court for their crimes … their malign spirit of state burocratic ideologies continued open or hidden and was teached and handed out to the next justice generation to impart the same view and action matrix .
………….but even worse the german court and justice system never eliminated this institutional structure ........ “never again “ never ever reached german court ……despotism , arbitrariness and utility instead of truth and justice therefore could linger on in adjudication under the surface…
.of democracy .....

out of 37min documentary film "comeback of quiet help " by carla egerer
US General Clay in 1947 commented “ 95% of german justice administration are identified Nazis. “why we have to keep them…..” Over fifty percent of those nominated by the American Legal Division were former Nazis in the automatic arrest category.
why some Nazi criminals were never charged with crimes and actually promoted to new positions of power. …
The judge lobby rules germany –with pole positions .in government Presidents of the university of kiel of the law- justice department : was a Nazi killer . to educate the nxt lawyer generation ….. since ww2 germany: did not change court procession rules and laws,
until 2008 germany keeps laws of The 3rd Reich, the antifascists condemned in 3rd reich are legaly guilty condemned until 2008!!

No government had the guts to change the ruling of Nazi court and justice in germany.
The despicable “ethic “ view toward “minor” classes. governs germany in 2008..
Administration structures are unsuitable for democratic participation.
Example : In court the transcript of court proceeding (legal procedure, trial)- in 2008 dictated by The judge and eliminates The other party spoken word….German judge can change any law , with a Decree how to execute with the law.....

claimed by german newspaper--2008 süddeutsche newspaper :
"The judge Brigitte Jonasch, sentences antifascist to jail for having disabled police protecting Nazi-members to manifest on the street. The judge reasons “he appeared in various antifascist actions and therefore is guilty !” The judges opinion is evidence for guilt.this is german standard….”
law interpretation in germany is right wing favour of three class separation education and ruling elite . --At age 10 children are separated into a three class school system . protecting upper class: and creating an obeying class …system changes hardly occur ….

source prof müller: bremen „ furchbare juristen“
"Theories at german university law departments are Opinions, valorization and statements leading to doctrines …There is no scientific evidence for the opinions made doctrine .. court decisions are led by The judges opinion….
german democratic justice until 2008… is an opinion executed by The judges."

Executive keep guaranteed lifelong jobs preventing equal opportunity
Surface democratic- underneath three class seperation system . 2008 budgets , 50% of state income is given to state employees – who represent 10% of population— More >> this is a coop with knowhowsusi and starboese information right activist current TV hitlersjudges08 filmclip

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