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cinderella you´ve lost your shoe..stop the harmony devoted shit

HEY GIRLS stop the harmony devoted shit.. Stopp to understand..where there is nothing to understand . stop the harmony devoted shit.. dont listen to smart Ass yuppy.. hey girls stopp the harmony devoted shit...hit first and take over..for the next 1000 years
redwoman gets delivered from chip development
she exits the elevator EVILLADY :
Redwoman : flawed chip inside message
Hit first and take over…..holiness
OFF: two centuries ago she was imagekeeper of Hail Mary the immaculate
_this genetic code could not be eradicated in REDWOMAN Chip.
2013 she is employed in the megastylish victim perpetrator show.
yuppy carman+ UStramp melo

AXTION GAME CARLA EGERER © Game Target: destroy images on oficial screens. created by MEDIA PAX corporation Detect clone copies of RedWoman. Star tries to substitute rebellcodes with modules out of „gone with the wind „ .
you must anticipate this with your team of street wise heroes. you must free showteam of old images.
rebellmedia Hacker showteam, versus oficialmedia Media Pax showteam

Level 1990: idealists,
level 1940 massmanipulation tricks
Level 2013: mutation from idealist to best Evils. presents 100% fun for imagehoppers.
Level 2013 You attend Hit First training . teach you tricks from 1940 for the total take over.
You may attend manager training to show how to manipulate the masses.

oficial media: kingdom, victim is loved. Perpetrator stays anonymous out of reach.
Rebell media : underground lead in brain matters. ruled by girls
your target : team shall take power over city , preventing to be implanted with image moduls.
You shall detect which images serve EvilladyStar and which images include liberation code.
camouflaged Susi supplies RebellMedia with Hacker Codes.
You help red woman to escape the bloody show. take prisoner StarBoese
Live emission: Redwoman dumps Neroman, -execution servan-hits cameraman and escapes showtunnel.

Media PAX oficial screens anounces: „Redwoman was hijacked out of the show“

Rebellmedia emission anounces : „redwoman escaped the show.“
pinky: we cannot Stopp direct emmission. We are ruined. To media Pax the victim shall be defeated.
Umberto Master:” I´m your bloody undertaker. I´ll take care“
Evillady -stepmother-„we let them die, it´s cheaper
Teen 1 pigeons- shopping bags „attention psychos are around“
Teen 2 with slepping pad„ white collar asshole with cultural neurosis wanted to proselyte me.“
red woman-cinderella:„we take over power nxt 1000 years!“
You start for RebellMedia: leading underground brain organisation . ruled by girls
start to explain the liberation codes to consumer slaves
versus oficial media : Star propagates victim as IDOL. She transmits bloody perpetrator show with RedWoman androids. Star employs company owned Killer Umberto Master -riding messenger-and Irvan DP Team. To chase you down.
EvilLady: developes VICTIM PERPETRATOR shows for media pax
Irvan live cameraman , .pinky soundgirl
Neroman perpetrator star, Redwoman victim Star in the show
Manager: old king-Image Showproducer. shareholder values for PHARMA PAX

CRASH 1993©c.egerer GAme :the kiss of red woman ,
memory is a code of images
KnowHow SUSI :prince-knight-reporter mc jobgirl, white gloves, hit first and take over
REDWOMAN. cinderella android Working girl, Android modul, red gloves, (hidden rebel code)
IRVAN Polonski: stepsister-director of photographie: does opposite of what he s talking. "A free man cannot acquire many possessions, because this is not easy to do without servility to mobs or monarchs."

Munich movies documentaries,

email: info(at)redwoman.de

STARBoese: (evil lady) 1990 emancipated feminist political informed. level 2013 new media strategist involved in creative Murder - chief of development for victim moduls. supervising prototype shows for victim perpetrator, to manipulate the masses

manager: of Victim-perpetrator show, flat untrue –masterpiece of art: new type show to glorify war- shows with glamourous cinderella chased by neromen musical team

EVILSTAR: active feminist on level 1990,in grey suit. level 2013 in tight black latex dress.strategist develops victim images for media pax to corrupt the masses. maintains the old rules : perpetrator anonymous not attainable! victim is made a star..... !
Killer: mister umberto master the ultimate creative. Dressed in italian fashion
manager: producer for Media Pax. young demagogue in hip tight woolen wear

Irvan polonski : polish kameraman in slopy designer suit . his chief is Star making passes on him. filosofer who does the opposite of what he´s talking about, level 2013 chiefcameraoperator –in BATMAnjumpsuit - slams in on red woman.
pinky trueblue : tight woolen pink outfits, assistent for sound and camera and anything else, obedient and mindless.

MISTER Umberto MASTER: US*KILLER Undertaker for Pax, world wide real estate maffia agency: Pharma PAX and MEDIA PAX he operates in style of a new school night clubber to perform as old school undertaker for the dirty work. dressed in italian designer cloth
master of creativity "to distract the masses from DIRTY JOBS OF MEDIA PAX " he is Master of plush corner Massaker and the TV special: BIZZARRE Killings a 100% BULLET PROOF BOX OFFICE Massmedia appeal : They were licencing their events as global players .
NEROMAN star in victim perpetrator show, occupied with his hairs and performance to worm his way to fame. pusher on hard core trip. Assisted by Neromen showteamm manager: producer for Media PAx real estate image shows. with his propaganda crew. and new show tactics.manipulating the audience.
teen#1 teen#2 16 years #1 observer, like an angel, in tramp outfit , plastic.bags..,teased hair
TEENY’#1 a t t e n t i o n p s y ch o s f o l l o w u s #2 the provocatuer is comentating the happening , dressed in 60th colours, stylish make up , carries sleeping pad TEENY#2 “white collar culture asshole wanted to convert me " they follow the mission as a whole

to be or not to be is---
rebel module
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