thekissofRedWoman ....1940....take over

1   redwoman 2 irvan pinky ..3
PINKY trueblue ..Irvan Polonsky CYNTHIA ALL
 game ..4 Susi ..5
USA Label copyright ....storyline ....
1000 presentations, characters. Series..
non conformity|
....Shows .....MUSEUM2
screenplay available 180pages MUSEUm
S-16mm no budget MOVIE
created by CARLA EGERER . listen...comic

KnowHow SUSI:girly edition movies
of student reporter and Mc Job girl
:wants to get rid of good girl image movie soundtrack ..soundtrack2
RED WOMAN:android module rebel module
sexy red haired girl, working class

redwoman SUSI: knowhowSUSI

KnowHow SUSI: pic girly edition of student reporter and Mc Job girl: wants to get rid of good girl image. RED WOMAN:cinderella android tecnofighter with sentimental retro hipccodes " gone with the wind" RED WOMAN crossover module : hitting her way to total take over
RED WOMAN: android module represents: sexy red haired girl, working class
Escapes WARshow activates hidden chip module
“take over “.
knowhow SUSI: new school: girlism: 1990 free lance reporter, 2013 turned in hard core bad girl. working at european patent office hacker defence, under cover for Rebell Media hackers. :nervshattering-, nervpoison-… meets RedWoman at night. SUSI: shows REDWOMAN how to activate hidden rebell-chip.

EVILSTAR 1990 cindy stepmother-Ex-feminist, 2013 chief of development victim-perpetrator moduls. EVILLADY starboese chief of Irvan polonsky live DP. REDWOMAN as victim and Neroman perpetrator showteam, execution servant perpetrator.

US Killer,riding messenger,Undertaker for PHARMA Pax :“
they call me Alkatraz ´cause I´m hard a s a rock“ glamourous, creative. works for world wide WAR estate global agency: NEW MEDIA and PARMA PAX operating in style new school night clubber. his deal to act the old school undertaker to do dirty work. PHARMA PAX sent him to destroy Red Woman rebell modul, to avoid image copy. city controlled by MEDIA PAX (kingdom)monitors SCREENS

Underground city ruled by Rebell media.
Knowhowsusi 2013 works at patent office hacker defence. undercover for rebel media to hack the android image codes.


MANAGER:producer of massmanipulating WARshows" masterpiece of art " manipulating shareholder with propaganda crew,
to glorify war,
Teen#1 Teen#2 the cinderella pidgeons _blood in dancing slipper…16 years #1 the observer attentive, like an angel- tramp outfit , plasticbags..,teased hair
TEENY’#1 ..a t t e n t i o n ..p s y ch o s ..
f o l l o w
TEENY’#2 the provocateur, commenting the happening , dressed in 60th colours, stylish make up , carries sleeping pad
TEENY#2 “white collar asshole wanted to convert me " they follow the mission as a whole

NEROMAN execution servant -musical show team intangled in clubcartel of Pharma PAx.
IRVAN polonski : -polish kameraman designer suit . chief is Star making passes on him. filosofer who does the opposite of what he´s talking.
PINKY TRUEBLUE: stepsister- soundgirl
MELO: court jester, 1990 US TRAMP, ex of RADICAL EXCESS new York. in europe in torn up suit, walked up shoes ,worms through good old europe, level 2013 asshole in DJ outfit. "shut up with your mental impotence"
CARMAN: court jester,yuppydirector 1990 , jeans and white collar-shirt, knows nothing of managing practice. surfing through power plants 2013 search sponsors for: „ last survivors of industrial times “ to prop images of no more existing lakes rivers and sees .. prohibited to show in Media city. He´s on the elimination list. "is the coloured material of Oxygen??! "
MANAGER: old king-producer of victim persecutor WARshows" masterpiece of art " manipulating shareholder with propaganda crew,
to glorify war,
1990 bagdad desert storm the GULF war… light electronic guidances system. US President speaking: ... in this new world order that we seek to create when the day is done. ....Sirenes go on and off.

pressrelease RED WOMAN HITS CAMERAMAN AND ESCAPEs t SET OF VICTIM PERPETRATOR SHOW Yesterday SUSI head of rebell media said to representative of Official media Media Pax : we just want to fuck off the brainy media shit ruled by boyz, .“
mae west 1932:
„ i discovered i had no need for the myth of a woman's need of male wisdom and protection „
Smart chip-girlz are on their getaway from industrial--strength sticky boyz media images THERE IS NEW BRAIN IN UNDERGROUND CITY GIRLS ESCAPED SUPERVISION ACTIVATED HIDDEN:REBELL-TAKE OVER code

IRVAN POLONSKY chiefcameraoperator MEDIA PAX´s victim- perpetrator show, PINKY TRUEBLUE sound girl
yuppy CARMAN:„ I´m a codiefied executive“ EX-exec of media PAX
Buddy Melo,Ex from RADICAL EXCESS New York:„ shut u with your mental impotence !„ .

Cinderella android REDWOMAN turns axtion star.
Cinderella story
Redwoman android Cinderella with hidden rebel module works in victim perpetrator show(kingdom)
City Ruled by Media PAx
stepmother EVLLADY rules Media images
IRVAN POLONSKY DP -stepsisters. PINKY TRUEBLUE soundgirl- keep sound and imagefor cruel victim show
KnowHowSusi - prince -knigh t. reveals hidden action codes to RW. shooting a life scene REDWOMAN dumps the DP team and escapes the show. (dancing slipper) TEENS -pigeons. blood in the shoe.
RW and KHS with rebel media produce + create new show with street wise city People. (castle)

1990 SUSI : had revealed oil GULF war corporation dirty work .she is on US killers UMBERTO MASTER extinction list.

IRAK s Saddam ….. threatening the key US oil supplier… US president BUSH speaks: 1990 bagdad America fighting against an agressor who must be stopped..
reporter satellite images US made up Saddam’s huge and menacing army and found nothing there but empty desert.....bagdad GULF US oil war

CINDERELLA ANDROID OFF: two centuries ago she was
imagekeeper of Hail Mary the immaculate_
this genetic code could not be eradicated in REDWOMAN
Chip. 2013 in megastylish victim perpetrator war show.
Redwoman : flawed chip inside message: Hit first and take over.
resurrection of your brain. .holyness
email: info(at) ....titleSong. DEVOTION ...
..motherfucker ......ghettoblaster .. ..QUIEN ES
..knowhowsusi-german CAUSE ...MUNICH 1997 ...munich 2008
. threatening the key US oil supplier…
president speaks: 1990 bagdad America ...
fighting against an agressor
who must be stopped.. real training ground
reporter satellite images US made up
Saddam’s huge and menacing army and
found nothing there but empty desert....
STAR espanyol ......