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CAst the kiss of red woman
yuppy carman+ UStramp melo
BARCELONA cable car

IRVAn polonsky: DP director of photography;WAR show team--mitläufer ..who is Irvan :elegant polish director of photography, in slopy designer suit. level 2013 chiefcamera operator of MEDIA PAX´s victim-persecutor show,.slams in on red woman. his chief starboese is evilStar. IRVAN Polonsky 1990 : escaped from poland DP. 2013 in batmanjumpsuit philosopher does opposite of what hes talking of. PINKY Trueblue his sound assistent. Obedient in pink.
CARMAN yuppy , SUSIs ex --new version of laurel and hardy
MELO: 1990 US TRAMP in europe of ex of RADICAL EXCESS new York
in torn up suit, walked up shoe
s ,worming his way through good old europe, level 2013 complete asshole in DJ outfit.
"shut up with your mentalimpotences"
CARMAN: yuppy on level 1990 executive manager, jeans and white collar-shirt, knows nothing of managing practice. surfing through power plants -a multiplicator of
macho attidude on level 2013 in shottish kilt, no name yuppi ,
susis ex: level 2013 involved in project: the last survivors of industrial times“ to prop images of no more exsting lakes rivers and sees .. prohibited to show in Media city. He´s on the elimination list. "is the coloured material of Oxygen??!

speak up man
CARMAN plunges down the outside staircase of tecnoclub factory
Melo : hey back from legoland man
You realy can stand some heavy shit
Carman : is the coloured material of oxygen?
Melo: have to ask my mom first
carman: born to manage it all
melo: hey carman at 290 bpm killed in action to shut up your face
carman: im a codified executive.
Melo: shut up with your mental impotence.
Carman: i represent industrial strenght
Melo: you are right . A harmony devoted fall into the abyss of prolo shit
Carman:off : I feel excellent

Muenchen tecnoclub 1995 ULTRASCHALL
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