munich 2008-Friday,NAZIS enter GOETHEPLATZ
return Nazis walk the maximilian street –center of rich munich
With NAZi big swastika banners ...They shout
“ only ARier are permitted to buy here “

“ you dirty foreign pig get out “ see original page two
protected by police (filmclip), who does not interfere.
when NAzis raise arms to INDUSTRY
the heil hitler salute.
witness : luis ferrer y dolce&gabbana sales clerks (back)
this action is permitted by judges and court and city hall
hitlers bloodflag....WHY

Munich 2007 Himmlers daughter :
star of the nazi movement 21 century,
lives in Munich as well as Goerings daughter lives munich lehel
MUNich baviera filmclip nov 2008 -NSU EX bundesgericht -richter
unterstützen NAZI ideologie.. lehel . Pasing .... Pullach......
Fürstenried .......Himmler Frey Goering daughters
German court supports indirectly german
not taking action against old Nazis...started 1997

for judges there seems no evidence... court and judges protect
right wing activities .nazis are in parliament 9,7%
German IRS protects donaters for nazi wing organisations...
German nazis get money as tax free donation ..
NPO for old Nazis is classified as charitable organisation
german administration .QUIET HELP supports german nazis ..
have 1000 donaters __
Protected by german justice ..(after ww2 there was no restitution of judges,
court admin, university profs and administration, they kept on in irredeemable
jobs 40 years)) —get tax free -donations–quoted by tax administration
as charitable organisation___
“quiet help “ the charitable NPO helps old Nazis,young nazis.
Munich pasing multi- millionaire lawyer

DR.gerhard Frey supports young nazi kidz and organizes nazi demos in germany .
newspaper publisher of “ nationalzeitung “ , lives in a maximum
security protected villa barbwired ,high walls MUNICH BAVIERA
NAzi party DVU protected by lawyer judges. --judges look away
behave : blind--NAzi entered consecuently german parliaments
9,7 % representations -- court protects old Nazis in munich :
“ there is no evidence”
how it started BUCH